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To materialize in painting other media, both from present and past. Translating other artistic expressions, such as performances, dance, and cinema. The oil painting and charcoal perpetuate movements, actions or scenes, of a fleeting nature and strong emotional charge.


To deal with contemporary and past historical contexts, marked by a strong presence of oppression and aggression towards subjectivity and expression. Translating into visual metaphors, bodily, and pictorial narratives that represent these contexts. Re-signifying bodies, contrasts, and contradictions, tenderness, and distortion – to bring the outlook of beauty to what is in the shadow.


To explore the sensibilization of the vision over non-normative forms of affection. The search is to overcome implicit and/or explicit stigmas – to go beyond the representation and the meaning that society gives to sexuality and its consequent hypersexualization. Raising affections and non-normative unions to a more complex and complete sphere, which represents and humanizes these relationships and people as multifaceted beings.

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