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About the Artist

JFBrittes (João Francisco Brittes) was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, currently living in Belo Horizonte. Graduated in Fine Arts at Escola Guignard, UEMG (2009), with a specialization in painting, his research seeks to look at both the shadow and the light of the human being; seeks the subtlety of what is in the gloom.
In his painting, he seeks to give voice to his narratives, but also a world that he sees to be upside-down, or marked by stigmas from a repressive past.
Through the human figure and the body in movement, he finds inspiration for his works mainly in the performing arts, cinema, contemporary dance, performances, and especially in Butoh (Dance of Shadows).

Movements and scenes of intense expression are translated into the language of painting. Moments of ephemeral nature are eternalized in oil and charcoal through his art.

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