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The technique developed by JFBrittes is deeply rooted in the question of paradox and subtlety. He seeks at times to use the contrast of white on black, at times to use the subtlety of white on white and black on black. About the use of charcoal in his works, the artist reflects:


“I believe that the fluid texture of oil paint with the heavy filth of the charcoal transmits something that I cannot put into words, but it is present both in the objects and in the subjects I deal with. I try, on the same canvas, to express weight and lightness through the materials and the way I work.”


The use of multiple canvases is a way to represent more complex narratives, at different moments. Sometimes works with images from scenes in motion, originating in some other media, might reveal an expression of deep tenderness and warmth that is, suddenly transformed, into cries of despair or ecstasy.

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